Block harmful UV rays

The harmful Ultraviolet(UV) rays can damage the skin and eyes, leading to premature aging and even to skin cancer. Do not risk your loved ones. Our Windows film block in excess of 99% of all harmful UC rays. It will help not only to preserve the health, but the color of fabrics, carpets and hardwood floors. You probably as noticed how furniture start to fade when exposed to sunlight, imagine your skin.Tinting film help to avoid all of those problems.

Control Glare and Heat

The light entering our home help to create joy. But it bring some problems too, as excessive glare and heat build-up, increasing energy consumption and, of course, energy bills. Tinting film will reduce glare by 87% allowing even to watch TV or use a computer. The EPA Star Buildings Manual shows that almost 33% of an average home energy bill is wasted by heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter. Our films cope with that problem.

Add your home privacy & style

Tinting Windows is not only about protecting health and saving money. It will create special atmospheres through our extensive assortment of textures, patterns and frosts, helping inclusive to bring privacy. We will explore with you the endless possibilities to find the right one for you. You can even transform your cabinet and glass doors, tabletops, shower enclosures and your exterior windows, giving an inexpensive but beautiful look.

Protect your family

Accident happens. A storm, an earthquake, an impact or even somebody trying to break in can shatter windows, sending harmful shard of glass, putting in risk our loved ones. Those risks are dramatically reduced with our safety and security windows films, which are built with thick, duty-polyester and bonded by strong adhesives. This kind of film produce a powerful, yet invisible barrier that will contain in place glass incase of a aforementioned incident.



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