Undercover bed covers

Undercover tonneau covers are known as the industry standard for excellence. Due to the fact that they are constructed from an ABS composite material, they are also the lightest and lowest priced tonneau covers in the market. They all install quickly, come off in seconds, and are built to last a lifetime of abuse. Undercover tonneau covers have a concealed clamp design that ensures a tight fit on your truck bed. This means that the installation process will run smoothly without the need of special tools or drilling.In addition to looking great, all of the Undercover tonneau covers offer added protection by securely locking in place, safeguarding your possessions in the bed of your truck. When you remove the tonneau cover, it easily hangs up in your garage courtesy of the special storage hooks that are shipped with each order. Finally, you can rest assured in the knowledge that every Undercover Tonneau Cover is made in the USA. So, order online today and get the best price on the internet; or call and speak to one of our sales staff to make sure you get the tonneau cover that is right for your truck.