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Car remotes and car alarms let you start or protect your vehicle with the click of a button. Tintsmith of Kansas City services provide the newest car security products and remote starters to keep you and your vehicle safe. You can get protection specialized for your car, truck, or SUV with custom car remotes and security systems in Kansas City Missouri. Protect your vehicle, your loved ones, and yourself with advanced and reliable remotes from Tintsmith.

Tintsmith of Kansas City has everything you need for expert remote car starter installation along with many other car areas.

Enjoy Safety and Convenience

With a remote car alarm system you can start your vehicle before stepping out into the cold, or make sure all your doors are locked while across the country. TintSmith can provide car remotes and keyless entry systems that make life safer and easier for any driver. Remote starters allow you the convenience of heating or cooling your car from indoors, and car remotes also integrate with your car alarm system so that you can arm and monitor your system from wherever you might be.

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that will provide a good layer of protection over your vehicle.The system includes (2) Ultra-slim style 4-button transmitters, a single-stage, single-adjustment shock sensor, 20W high-power single-tone siren, LED light and valet switch, and a starter kill output. This state-of-the-art security system also includes the high-demand convenience feature of keyless entry. $199 (VEHICLE DEPENDANT, SOME VEHICLES REQUIRE INTERFACE TO REMOTE START)